Will Employers Look At Your Social Media Before Hiring You?

June 22, 2023

Will Employers Look At Your Social Media Before Hiring You?


The answer is YES! Checking a potential candidate’s social media platforms has become a routine part of the interview process. In fact, 98% of HR professionals perform online background research upon hiring. This is because your social media profile gives additional information about yourself that can’t be found on your actual resume. 


How you present yourself online showcases your personality, behaviors and non-work hobbies and interests that can help the employer determine if you are the right fit for the job. 


It’s no secret employers are looking out for inappropriate content that may be on your profile to ensure they are not making a mistake in giving you a job offer. But what are they specifically looking for? According to CareerBuilder, the most common instances regarding social media that a candidate would be rejected from a job include: 

  • Inappropriate/provocative photos and/or videos 
  • Images and descriptions of alcohol or drug use
  • Discriminatory comments toward gender, sexuality, religion, or race
  • Posts highlighting negative experiences with previous employers
  • False qualifications
  • Spelling errors and/or grammar mistakes
  • Evidence of criminal behavior
  • Admittance of lying to previous employers (claiming false illness or situation to miss work) 
  • Screen names that are unprofessional


Lets face it…having your employer stalk your socials can be a bit nerve wracking, but you can reverse the narrative and actually use it to your advantage! Hiring managers are mainly looking at your social media profiles to learn more about you as a person. Social media is a highlight reel of your personal life, so show yourself off!


Posting your skills and achievements may be relevant to the position you are applying for and reveal qualities that will make you a more attractive choice. Additionally, it is important to post content that reflects your personal values as employers are looking for professional candidates that align with the company’s values and culture. 


So where do you go from here?

Checking your social media to make sure it is clear of any harmful content that will prevent you from securing your dream job is now easier than ever with LifeBrand’s super simple and secure AI-powered technology. With one simple scan, any posts you have that contain potentially harmful content will be flagged and you have the choice to delete or ignore the post directly from the LifeBrand page. Try a free scan today here!