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What would your profiles say about you?

In today’s digital age social media platforms are an integral part of our daily lives. What you post online reflects how people view you.

How it works

No need to scroll for hours, LifeBrand helps you
find potentially harmful posts quickly.

1 Connect.

Connect one or multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) you would like to clean.

2 Scan.

With one click, our AI-technology scans your profiles and identifies any potentially harmful posts displaying it on your personal dashboard.

3 Delete.

Delete or edit flagged posts to ensure your social profiles are an accurate representation of who you are today.

Over 8 million posts cleaned and counting

Who we help

We have a passion for helping individuals who have used social media in the past but may be unaware of how it can affect their present.

Our partners & clients are our biggest fans

Can’t argue with 4.9 reviews

West Deptford Middle School Teacher

“After I connected my Instagram and my Facebook accounts to LifeBrand it only took a few minutes for my eyes to be opened up. As a former Division III Athlete, we were always told not to have those “red cup” photos posted online. That mentality was always my view of my Social Media presence. Social Media is such a powerful tool and there is that fine line between what is acceptable and what can be putting you and your brand at risk. I would highly recommend that you give Life brand the chance to help with your Social Media presence.”

William Malone, 8th Grade Math Teacher

Real Estate Owner

“Lifebrand’s social media scan was quick and super easy. I was able to scan all of my socials back to when I created my accounts. It brought posts to my attention and I got to decide myself if I want to keep the post or not for the person I am today. Great tool for any age and any profession.”

Amira Anderson, CPA, Assurance Auditor & Real Estate Owner


“Not only was LifeBrand a fun (and cringey) walk down memory lane but it also was a great asset for cleaning up almost 20 years of social media use. The best part was being able to delete the “offending” posts right from the LifeBrand scan. I would highly recommend LifeBrand for everyone.”

Molly Brahmer, Artist 

Solutions for schools & universities

Social media has become your personal brand and many others’ first impression of you. Your “resume” is now MUCH MORE than just a black and white piece of paper.

LifeBrand is an AI brand protection company that is committed to the education and protection of students’ social media presence and digital citizenship.

Take charge of your brand

Social media screening has become an integral part of the application process for schools & businesses.


of employers research the social media profiles of potential employees as part of the screening process


of HR professionals perform online background research about potential candidates


of businesses have rejected a job candidate based on social media content.

Keep your business safe online

Incorporating this proactive strategy of social media cleaning into your company will ultimately protect your brand value, company revenue and avoid any PR issues.

Connect. Scan. Delete.

Take charge of your online brand today.