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One of the fastest growing problems in today’s society is social media misuse in the workplace. We’ve all seen and heard of employees being terminated for posting inappropriate or confidential content on their personal social media accounts.  Even worse, posts can resurface years later, destroying careers and reputations.

If you’ve applied for a job, then you’ve most likely been judged based on your social media content. Before you’ve even had a chance to discuss your resume or college degree, your future employers have already developed their first impression. Many professionals aren’t making the cut due to a questionable social media presence.

One of LifeBrand’s main goals is to provide social media accountability and awareness training. Our soon to be nationally accredited certification reassures employers that you understand how to properly utilize social media and avoid potentially damaging pitfalls.

Thanks to social media we all have a unique personal brand.  If you want to land your dream job or the next promotion, then you need to develop a strong digital resume. LifeBrand provides custom, 1-on-1 branding services to create a digital footprint that stands out to employers.