Empowering your students & faculty to maintain a meaningful online presence

With our Social Media Cleaning Tool & Nationally Accredited Social Media Literacy & Wellness e-Course for students, we are committed to the education and protection of students’ digital citizenship.

We believe social media should empower and equip your reputation, not restrict it.

Saint Joseph’s University Athletic Director

“This is one of the most important programs you will implement to protect your students and put them in a much better position beyond college. Social media is here to stay and we need to educate students on its potential, as well as the pitfalls.”

Jill Bodensteine
Director of Athletics

University of Miami Law Student

“As a law student, my brand/reputation is paramount in establishing myself in the legal profession.LifeBrand’s scan of my social media accounts has given me the opportunity to control my brand and accurately represent myself online. I would recommend LifeBrand’s services to students of all levels, as it is never too early to safeguard your social media presence.”

Ryan Brida
Law Graduate Student

Millville High School Teacher

“My use of Life Brand inspired me to do an entire lesson for my students about the impact their online presence they are building now will have on them in the future. My generation (born in the 80s) has only had social media for the latter part of our lives. My current high school students were born past 2005… social media has always been around for them. I taught them, and life brand taught me, that we all need to be very careful what we post. No matter what, Life Brand is there for all of us to help make sure our social media looks good to potential employers, friends, family, and loved ones.”

Victor Nappen
Science and CTE Teacher

West Deptford Middle School Teacher

“After I connected my Instagram and my Facebook accounts to LifeBrand it only took a few minutes for my eyes to be opened up. As a former Division III Athlete, we were always told not to have those “red cup” photos posted online. That mentality was always my view of my Social Media presence. Social Media is such a powerful tool and there is that fine line between what is acceptable and what can be putting you and your brand at risk. I would highly recommend that you give Life brand the chance to help with your Social Media presence.”

William Malone, 
8th Grade Math Teacher

Erik Woods

Director of Student Athlete Development, SJU


Candice Racite

Dean of Internship and Career Planning, RCSJ



How LifeBrand Works

1 Connect.

Connect one or multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) you would like to clean.

2 Scan.

With one click, our AI-technology scans your profiles and identifies any potentially harmful posts displaying it on your personal dashboard.

3 Delete.

Keep, Ignore, Edit or Delete flagged posts to ensure your social profiles are an accurate representation of who you are today.


LifeBrand’s Social Media Literacy & Wellness e-Course for Students

Nationally Accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence

Aligned to ISTE Digital Citizenship Standards & Social Emotional Learning Framework

Engaging content with built in Knowledge Checkpoints

Micro-learning comprised of short video lessons with closed captioning & transcripts

Schools that choose LifeBrand for Social Media Success!

Students & Parents

Your Social media should mature alongside you. Since having an online presence has become your personal brand and many others’ first impression of you, your “resume” is now much more than just a black and white piece of paper. It’s your social media profiles.

Administration & Faculty

LifeBrand helps in the hiring process by providing an EEOC & FCRA compliant social health report. In addition, provide LifeBrand technology to your faculty/staff to protect their brand and your school brand.

Career Development & Services

Colleges and Universities equip their students with resume writing, interview tips, networking events and more, but what about educating our students about how to properly use their social media to give them a leg up from their competition? We have an eCoure and our AI-powered tool to help solve this problem.

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