Why LifeBrand


One of the fastest growing problems in America and across the world is social media misuse.

We’ve all seen and heard of employees being terminated, influencers and celebrities losing brand deals and people getting canceled for potentially harmful posts.

These posts resurface, typically from years prior, causing a lot of damage. This problem leads to a solution. This solution was the birth of LifeBrand.

LifeBrand has developed social media detection and monitoring software through the use of machine learning which can scan your past social media history and enables the user to delete or edit content that could be potentially damaging based on key words and phrases. Additionally, LifeBrand has developed a Social Media Accountability and Awareness eCourse (SMAA) for individuals and companies to better learn responsible social media use. Our software in conjunction with our certifications will help protect your personal brand along with your company’s reputation.


LifeBrand empowers all social media users to reach their full potential by building a meaningful digital presence. Our mission is to catch forgotten posts before the world does.


To be the world leader in social media education, awareness, and accountability.

LifeBrand is making a difference.

We take pride in the number of people we have helped empower on social media

10 million+

posts cleaned


posts flagged


average posts deleted per scan

Meet our Team

LifeBrand is a team full of creative, passionate, and genius people that align with the mission of educating and protecting social media users.

Our Brand Ambassadors

All of our Ambassadors act as a part of the LifeBrand team and care for our vision as if it’s their own.

Meet Haley Jones
Women’s College Basketball Player

“I believe in what LifeBrand stands for… I believe in cleaning up your social media and not having what you may have posted in your past hinder your future opportunities”

Meet Austin Ekeler
Running Back, LA Chargers

“One reason why I chose to be an ambassador for LifeBrand is because I understand the importance of keeping my reputation clean”

Meet Devonta Smith
Wide Receiver, Philadelphia Eagles

“You have to always have the image you want people to see of you… you create your image… So you have to brand yourself the right way”

Meet Dylan Frittelli
Pro Golfer

“I think LifeBrand can help anyone with a social media presence… As a proud longhorn, I definitely think it can educate kids that are currently in school”


Meet Jimmy Rollins
Former Shortstop, Philadelphia Phillies

“Parents, we know the importance of protecting our kids on social media. With LifeBrand you now have a way to protect your kids on social media”

Meet Jon Dorenbos
Former Philadelphia Eagles Long Snapper, Magician

“How people view me and the reflection of me is a direct reflection of my family and brand. Thats why you should be cautious of what you’re posting.”

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