Drive Employee Wellness and Mitigate Risks with LifeBrand 

LifeBrand’s 360° Social Media Solution for your business provides a complete solution covering policy, education, and technology to help your team responsibly manage their social media footprint and mitigate reputation risks online.

Companies That Choose Us for Social Media Success!

Safeguard your Company’s Future

1 Social Media Cleaning

Each team member receives an invite to their own personal dashboard to privately clean their social media profiles. Learn How it Works Here.

2 Literacy & Wellness e-Course

Our Nationally Accredited e-Course educate employees on social media ethics, security, digital wellness, and developing a professional online presence.

3 Social Media Policy Template (FREE!)

Equip your employees with tools & methods to efficiently manage their social media profiles while aligning with your organizations guidelines. Download For FREE Here!

Your employees aremicrobrandsof your company


of HR professionals perform online research about potential new hires.

*The Manifest Recruitment Survey


of organizations recruit employees by looking at their social media profiles.



of recruiters have rejected a job candidate based on social media content.

*The Manifest Recruitment Survey

Business Success Using LifeBrand

How one of our business clients reduced instances of hate, toxicity & profanity from their employees social media.

By leveraging LifeBrand’s tool, our client was able to proactively monitor employee social media, allowing the client to safeguard their company’s reputation and ensure employees represented the brand in a professional, trustworthy manner.

We provide custom priced solutions that are tailored to fit any brand reputation management needs. 

How Businesses are Using LifeBrand

Employee Wellness Benefit

Provides employees with the option to use our tools to ensure their brand is protected, also benefiting the organization.

Employee Onboarding

Allows the individual to clean up their social profiles before starting to build a reputation at the organization.

Pre-Employment Screening & Vetting

FCRA/EEOC compliant tool to use before hiring to help narrow down the candidate pool for open positions.

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