What Does ‘Digital Citizenship’ Actually Mean?

August 3, 2023

You’ve already learned what a digital footprint is, but what does Digital Citizenship mean?

Digital Citizenship refers to the ability to participate in online activities in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner. This idea of a digital citizenship promotes a positive online environment and encourages you to use the internet in a way that benefits yourself and society as a whole. 


So, how do you earn your Digital Citizenship? There are a few components to being a great digital citizen:


  1. Digital Literacy: The most basic part of being a digital citizen, is understanding how to navigate the different forms of technology. Finding information online is easy, but is it accurate? Is it safe? The internet is known for spreading misinformation, so it’s important to be conscious of  what information you are consuming and what types of content or information that you’re creating and sharing.
  2. Digital Safety and Security: Going hand in hand with digital literacy is digital safety and security. Along with being educated on what you are consuming, it is equally important to know if the activities you’re participating in online are safe or not. Scammers and hackers are more common than you may think so it is crucial to protect yourself online. This includes not sharing any kind of personal information anywhere and being aware of and avoiding scams and phishing attempts.
  3. Online Etiquette: As social media is on the rise, so is cyberbullying. According to a study, in 2023 alone, 60 percent of teenagers have experienced some form of cyberbullying and 87 percent of young people have seen cyberbullying online. Keeping the online environment positive is a key part of online citizenship, so spreading kindness and being respectful of others is crucial. 


Being a good digital citizen and having a clean digital footprint go hand in hand. Being mindful of what you post online is extremely important not only for yourself, but for everyone around you. 

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