LifeBrand Brings On Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Wide Receiver DeVonta Smith To Take Their Game To The Next Level

July 29, 2021

WEST  CHESTER, PA  – LifeBrand, a rising tech startup that offers unique  solutions to help build and protect personal and corporate brands on social  media, has teamed up with Philadelphia Eagles Rookie Wide Receiver DeVonta  Smith to take their game to the next level. Headquartered in West Chester,  PA, LifeBrand employs AI-powered technology to confidentially perform social  media health checks with the ability to quickly detect and delete potentially  harmful content. Smith, a first-round draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner,  will hold equity in the startup and leverage his own platform to introduce  more people to LifeBrand’s technology. 

“We are ecstatic to have DeVonta join LifeBrand as an  equity stakeholder and brand ambassador,” said T.J. Colaiezzi, Chief  Executive Officer of LifeBrand. “DeVonta is an incredibly talented individual  with a strong digital footprint who understands the importance of maintaining  a positive brand on social media. With LifeBrand also being one of the  Philadelphia Eagles’ newest corporate partners, aligning with their newest  standout seemed like a natural fit. We look forward to growing together.”

Photo: Mike Quick, TJ Colaiezzi and Jemma Barbarise of LifeBrand, and DeVonta Smith at the LifeBrand Gate at Lincoln Financial Field (photo credit Mike Landis)

LifeBrand’s partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles  activated during the 2021 NFL Draft, where Smith was selected No. 10 overall.  Most notably, Lincoln Financial Field’s Northeast Gate has been renamed the  LifeBrand Gate and will feature a custom social media activation space for  fans upon arrival. Smith’s fans and followers can also look to receive  exclusive offers to try out LifeBrand’s solutions along with opportunities to  connect with Smith at special LifeBrand-sponsored appearances and  events. 

“When I first heard about the chance to partner up  with LifeBrand, it immediately stood out to me as an exciting opportunity,”  said Smith. “As someone who has a growing social media presence and has been  in the spotlight for the past few years, I’ve always recognized the importance  of protecting my brand online. LifeBrand’s tech and solutions are second to  none and I look forward to being a part of the LifeBrand family.”

Earlier this week, Smith and Colaiezzi met at the newly  branded LifeBrand Gate at Lincoln Financial Field where they posed for a few  celebratory photos to commemorate their new partnership. They were joined by  legendary wide receiver and popular sports broadcaster Mike Quick. Quick, a  former Philadelphia Eagle and advisory board member for LifeBrand, remarked  on the noteworthy moment. 

Photo: Mike Quick and DeVonta Smith in front of the LifeBrand Gate at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA (photo credit Mike Landis)

“You’re looking at the past and the future right here,”  said Quick. “Legacy is created on and off the field, and these days  protecting that legacy involves having a strong, positive social media  presence.”

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DeVonta Smith poses in front of the LifeBrand Gate at  Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA (photo credit Mike Landis)


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LifeBrand believes in the value of a strong personal brand  on social media. With a mission to be the world leader in Social Media Health  Check and Risk Mitigation Technology, LifeBrand has and will continue to  develop the most advanced technology to detect and remove potentially harmful  content from users’ social media pages with secure AI-powered solutions for  both individuals and businesses. With their patent-pending FCRA and EEOC  compliant technology, they have built a safer, more compliant way to perform  social media health checks and risk mitigation to protect the privacy and  rights of employees and employers, and also provide a secure way for  individuals to scan and analyze their social media accounts from the point of  inception with a simple click. Learn more at   


About DeVonta Smith:

Drafted in the First Round by the Philadelphia  Eagles, DeVonta is looking forward to starting his Eagles career this  September. He’s coming off a storied college career at the University of  Alabama, where he won a Heisman Trophy this past season, as well as two  National Championships and leaves with a number of SEC and Alabama Receiving  Records to his name. DeVonta was born and raised in Amite, Louisiana. He  has a strong passion for entrepreneurial business ventures and emerging  industries.