Say Bye to Harmful
Social Media Content

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Partial screen from smart tablet showing scan results.
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AI-Based Technology

Our technology allows social media users to detect, locate, and delete potentially offensive posts.

Social Media Posts Live Forever

Often forgotten or unnoticed, posts on your social media pages can come back to haunt you years down the road––potentially damaging careers, opportunities, and reputations.

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Smartphone tablet with connected Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles with graphs and charts.

Avoid Damage Your Digital Footprint Can Cause

LifeBrand scans social media accounts to detect content that could be harmful to your personal reputation or corporate brand. Once detected, you can easily scrub or edit any damaging posts on your social media pages. Rely on LifeBrand for continued monitoring and a clean social media presence.

How It Works

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Connect social media accounts with one click and run them through our AI-based scanner to start improving your social media presence.

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Our system analyzes your social media background through your connected profiles, identifying potentially harmful content on social media.

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Selected posts are deleted and you’ll be provided with a simple-to-read confirmation report.