Tips to Help You Stand Out to Recruiters

February 20, 2024

In the landscape of job hunting where competition is fierce, the ability to stand out during the application process is crucial. Employers receive numerous resumes for every job posting, and making a lasting impression can significantly impact your chances of securing that dream job. But how? 

  1. Thoroughly Research Potential Employers:

Before hitting the apply button, invest time in researching the companies you are interested in. In a New York Post article with hiring manager, Gretchen Wiegerink, shared her insights on navigating the job market effectively. “If you’re applying for 100-plus jobs, you are wasting your time,” she declared. “Being on the job market is a job in itself, so quality versus quantity is huge in this case.”

Wiegerink emphasizes the importance of investing time in thoroughly researching potential employers. “Take time to read job descriptions, look at company websites, and explore Glassdoor reviews,” she advised. “Align the company’s core values, job description, and what they’re looking for with your own values, traits, and skill set.”

  1. Utilize LinkedIn Strategically:

According to job research site Zippia, it takes an average of 21 to 80 job applications to secure one offer. Wiegerink suggests leveraging LinkedIn as a powerful tool to make a lasting impression.

“After applying for a position, go to the company’s LinkedIn page, find the talent acquisition manager or HR manager, and send them a connection invite with a note,” she recommended. “Introduce yourself, mention the position you applied for, and sell yourself with a few sentences. Let them know your availability for a call.”

With an estimated 771 million active LinkedIn users globally (expected to grow to 942.8 million in 2028), the platform provides a direct channel to hiring specialists. Wiegerink shared her perspective on the impact of personalized approaches: “A good recruiter or HR manager will respond to you. If it’s grammatically correct, includes your resume, and expresses genuine interest, I will respond no matter what.”

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  1. Craft a Compelling Personal Brand:

Crafting a compelling personal brand is essential for job seekers, and leveraging social media strategically can significantly improve your professional image. Your personal brand should reflect your unique skills, values, and expertise, creating a cohesive narrative across all of your personal platforms.

 Utilizing an AI-powered social media cleaning tool such as LifeBrand can further refine your online presence. With just one click, our user-friendly dashboard reviews potentially unprofessional content across integrated platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and TikTok. Users can then Keep, Edit or Delete selected posts to curate a personal brand aligned with their goals and values.

By ensuring a polished and consistent online brand, you not only present yourself positively to potential employers but also demonstrate a proactive approach to managing your digital footprint. This combination of a compelling personal brand and the use of our AI technology can strengthen your position in the competitive job market.