Why all College Students (and grads!) need to clean up their Social Media with LifeBrand

September 12, 2022

If you’re a college student, college graduate, parent of a college student or a high school student applying to colleges, here is a quick list of why you NEED a LifeBrand Social Media Cleaning:

  1. Some old, cringey posts could potentially jeopardize future opportunities.

We all know cancel culture is real..with more than hundreds of people being called out for old tweets, Instagram pictures or FaceBook rants that they may have posted back in the day. Usually this ends with that individual being “canceled” by the public but also has resulted in the loss of jobs, the loss of sponsorships and even the loss of college admission.

  1. Harmful posts you made five years ago could be hurtful today.

Think about how much you’ve changed as a person in the past five to ten years. Ten years is a huge gap in time where you could have spent changing your beliefs, your friends, your values, your passions, your career path…the list goes on! So think about the past five to ten years in terms of our culture and society – it has dramatically changed and grown since 2011. Tweets or photos you may have shared ten years ago could be seriously hurtful today.

Reminder: It is a beautiful thing to grow, to shift your mindset and to change as you learn. Don’t let old posts hinder your growth.

  1. Colleges and Employers ARE looking at your social media pages.

Seriously, they are. Results from The Manifest 2022 Recruitment Survey showed that  90% of employers look at potential employees’ social media profiles and 79% of businesses have rejected a candidate based off of the social media content they saw.  If the photos you were sharing from your frat boy days are still posted on your Instagram…ask yourself, “Do I really want new job employers seeing this?”

And hey, we all love the old pictures from our party days, but does it really need to be on social media?

  1. Ask yourself: Do my old posts reflect who I am today or the image I want to share to the world?

The good news here is that even though you may not know what your old posts look like because you haven’t bothered to scroll back in time and check it out, LifeBrand makes sifting through your old posts super simple and honestly, fun! It’s cool to take a walk down memory lane and see old FaceBook memories or tweets from 2010. If any of those posts happen to be bad or a little bit cringey, you are able to edit or delete them right from LifeBrand’s platform with the click of a button.