What LifeBrand really does with your data

August 19, 2021
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There’s nothing more frightening than getting your information stolen or sold to the highest bidder. So we’re here to tell you exactly what happens to your data once you connect your social media platforms to LifeBrand’s social media scrubber. 

Spoiler alert. We don’t share or store any of your information on our servers. 

LifeBrand is built to help you clean up your social media profile and delete anything that can be potentially harmful to your future. No one is the same person they were five years ago, so why should the things that you posted online still exist there?

We’ve built a platform where security is its top priority. We never share any sensitive information with third parties or store your credentials. Once you’ve connected your accounts on our scrubbing platform, our software will then automatically scan all the posts that you’ve shared online. From there, any potentially harmful posts will be flagged and listed out for you to keep or delete.

Anything that is flagged or scanned through the server is only available for you to see and starts and ends on the platform. What our software does do, is learn the types of posts users are making so we can continually improve our platform and help you keep your social media in check and free from harmful or even possibly embarrassing posts. 

Your private messages

Any private messages on your account won’t be picked up by our platform. Anything that you’ve sent in your DMs previously will not show up either. The posts that can be scanned by our software only include posts that you’ve made to the public or available to your friends/followers if your account is private.  

What happens when you share your results with your employers?

If you choose to share your results with your employer or potential employer, they won’t see what was flagged or deleted. What they will see is a high-level summary containing the number of deleted and ignored posts and a breakdown of which platform it occurred on. We’ve included an example of what they’ll see below.  

Your username and password are never shared with anyone and we don’t store these details on our database. It all starts and ends within the platform itself. LifeBrand is designed to protect you so we make sure you’re the only one in control of your details and with access to your credentials.

No need to worry – your security is our priority

We always have you, your privacy and security as our number one priority which is why our platform has been built to ensure that all your information is handled securely. 

To LifeBrand your data is exactly that, yours!

So, take a breath, and try our social media scrubber yourself, and clean up any potentially harmful posts you’ve made in the past, so you can put your best foot forward online in the future.