What is a Social Media Cleaning and How Do You Find a Proper Tool?

September 21, 2023

Ever wonder how people get rid of content on their social media so fast?!

A.I content moderation is the answer. 

Content moderation is the act of managing your online social media accounts and making sure they are free of harmful content such as hate speech and explicit content. The purpose of this is to keep the online environment as safe as possible and with A.I, this process is faster than ever. 

You may now be wondering, does this affect me? If you have social media, yes it does!

Virtually anyone has access to your social media pages. This includes friends, family, potential employers, colleagues, and even strangers. Your social profiles are a direct reflection of you so it’s important to present the best version of yourself online. 

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a job, social media background checks are becoming a routine part of the hiring process. After you send in your application, you can count on that recruiter stalking your socials later. According to a study, 79% of businesses have actually rejected a job candidate based on social media content. Don’t become part of the 79%!

But who has time to scroll through hundreds of posts across 4 different social media platforms? 

No one does! That’s why LifeBrand is here to clean your social media in minutes. Our A.I-powered technology has the capability to scan your profiles and flag content that could be harmful to your future. You then have the choice to keep or delete it directly from the LifeBrand website.

Don’t waste your time scrolling and deleting, use our tool today!