Quick Tips to Help Build a Professional Social Media Profile Online

January 3, 2024

Whether we like it or not, potential clients, employers, partners and others are likely checking us out online before deciding to work with us. That means the way we portray ourselves on social media really matters if we want to be taken seriously.


The good news is, with some simple fixes, we can all make sure we put our best face forward online. I wanted to share 5 quick but important things you should keep in mind when setting up or managing your social media profiles as a working professional.


These aren’t overly complicated changes (no need to turn into a social media expert overnight). But following this advice can go a long way to making sure you look polished, credible, and easy to find/remember for the right reasons. Because first impressions are no longer your first interview or resume, they are your online profiles! 


So whether you’re new to social media for business or just want a refresher, here are Five Quick Tips to Help you Build a Professional Profile Online!


1. Compose an informative yet concise biography. Summarize current positions and credentials to convey your professional skills, offerings, and experiences. This section serves as an “elevator pitch,” helping visitors immediately comprehend your offerings and expertise.


2. Make sure your profile picture is clear & professional. An unclear or inappropriate photo erodes hard-earned authority and trust. Your profile image must align with the professional brand you are building.  


3. Stray away from sensitive topics. On your public profiles, it’s important to maintain and model integrity through thoughtful commentary on relevant industry issues rather than falling into polarizing debates that may divide you and your followers. 


4. Use Consistent Usernames. Whether for your business or for your personal accounts, make sure your username is as consistent as it can be across all platforms. This will make it simple for others to follow you and find you on cross platforms. Make sure your username is thoughtful. If it isn’t your first an last name, make sure it is a name that reflects you or your business in a positive, professional light.


5. Give people a sneak peek behind the curtain. You won’t believe how many people are interested in seeing what your daily schedule and work looks like! Behind the scenes content helps your followers and connections understand your process and helps engage them more. If you’re running out of content ideas, or looking for new ways to engage your audience, try sharing some ‘day in the life’ content or tips!


Take the first step by sprucing up that tired old bio. Swap in a sleek new profile pic while you’re at it. Then start subtly working your web presence with consistent usernames and behind-the-scenes peeks for your loyal followers. Before you know it, you’ll be looking on point across all the top sites.


Want to take your social media profiles to the next level? Start by cleaning up any forgotten post that don’t support the personal brand that you want to portray. Click Here to get started!