LifeBrand and EveryoneSocial Partner to Enhance Employee Influencer Solutions

April 6, 2022

WEST CHESTER, PA (April 6, 2022) – Businesses worldwide can now leverage new technology to improve their brand reach and enhance workplace social media  efforts thanks to a new partnership between social media tech innovator LifeBrand and employee advocacy leader EveryoneSocial.

“Here at EveryoneSocial, we believe that every employee – from the intern to the CEO – can be an influencer,” said Cameron Brain, CEO of EveryoneSocial. “We’re excited to include LifeBrand in our growing ecosystem of partners.  Providing solutions that help employees grow and engage their networks is a top priority for EveryoneSocial and our clients.”


EveryoneSocial’s platform transforms employees into influencers by empowering them to authentically create and share content.  LifeBrand’s technology focuses on strengthening both individual and corporate  brands by quickly detecting potentially harmful social media content with the option to edit or delete. The two companies found immediate synergy between their solutions and see their technologies as being complementary benefits to  their existing and future clients as they continue to leverage social media to grow their brands and build digital engagement.


“At LifeBrand, we aim to help people communicate more effectively and build stronger personal and corporate brands through social media,” said T.J. Colaiezzi, Chief Executive Officer of LifeBrand. “Partnering with EveryoneSocial further expands our reach while supporting our goals.”

This new partnership marks the first for LifeBrand in the employee advocacy space and introduces EveryoneSocial to the education industry, where LifeBrand has already developed a number of strategic alliances.


“In addition to having a shared belief in the value and power of positive social media, EveryoneSocial is a perfect partner for us because they make strategic decisions that put their people and clients first, prioritize innovation, and foster long-term growth,” added Colaiezzi.


 To learn more about LifeBrand’s partnership opportunities please click here to get in touch with a member of the LifeBrand team.


 ABOUT LIFEBRAND: LifeBrand believes in the value of a strong personal brand on social media.  LifeBrand has and will continue to develop the most advanced technology to detect and remove potentially harmful content from users’ social media pages with  secure AI-powered solutions for both individuals and businesses. With their  patent-pending FCRA and EEOC compliant technology, they have built a safer, more compliant way to perform social media health checks and risk mitigation to protect the privacy and rights of employees and employers, and also provide a secure way for individuals to scan and analyze their social media accounts from the point of inception with a simple click.


ABOUT  EVERYONESOCIAL: EveryoneSocial turns employees into social media influencers by empowering them to authentically  create and share their company’s most important content. High-growth  companies from around the world including Qualtrics, T-Mobile and Highspot use EveryoneSocial to engage employees, expand brand reach and drive organic  social media ROI.