“Mr. Wonderful” Awards LifeBrand the Winner of StartEngine Pitch Competition

November 10, 2020

Many people know him as “Mr. Wonderful,” on Shark Tank. But, in addition to being one of the Tank’s most infamous sharks, Kevin O’Leary also owns and operates O’Leary Ventures, a private company created to foster startups. At LifeBrand, we are thrilled that Mr. O’Leary has awarded our online reputation management software as the First StartEngine Pitch Competition winner. We are equally excited to have been recently featured on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade with Alexis Hcristoforous and Brian Sozzi to discuss this new venture.

LifeBrand: Kevin O’Leary’s Latest Business Venture


During the October 20th interview on Yahoo Finance, LifeBrand founder, Thomas “T.J.” Colaiezzi, alongside O’Leary, shared why now is the perfect time for a company like LifeBrand to succeed. As Colaiezzi initially pointed out, most companies conduct some type of social media vetting during the hiring process these days. But, the stark difference between how they go about the process and how LifeBrand conducts social media screening—has everything to do with Fair Credit Reporting compliance.


Admittedly, O’Leary shared that he has invested in companies in the past that have utilized non-compliant background checks on job candidates.


“Now, we have a compliant platform that lets you do this in a way that nobody goes offside on. Even a potential employee understands what this is.”

-Kevin O’Leary

O’Leary cautions engaging in non-compliant social media background checks, which can be costly in “ways that you really have a hard time measuring.”

Additionally, O’Leary says that at its core LifeBrand solves a discomfort problem that has been brewing in HR departments for some time. He explains that while CEOs, CFOs, COOs request for human resources managers to “go check a job applicant out,” it doesn’t always instill confidence in the HR director as to the legal implications involved.

Because LifeBrand is FCRA compliant (as well as Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, EEOC, compliant), HR representatives no longer need to wince when asked to vet a potential employee. And it’s this that O’Leary explains, makes LifeBrand “A solution perfect for that problem.” And, perfect for the time we currently live in.

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