LifeBrand Attends the Future of Education Technology Conference 2024

February 5, 2024

The LifeBrand education team recently attended the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida. As one of the largest education technology conferences in the country, this years FETC event drew over 10,000 attendees to discuss the future of edtech. 

While at FETC, the LifeBrand team introduced our education solutions to over 100 teachers and administrators. We engaged in meaningful discussions about the growing need for social media literacy instruction in schools. Attendees showed immense interest in LifeBrand’s unique approach to promoting safe, responsible social media use.

In addition to networking, the LifeBrand team connected with key leaders in the education technology industry and attended sessions on critical topics and trends shaping the future of education:

– “Navigating Emerging School Law Issues in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

– “Preparing Students for a Tech-Fueled & Social Media-Filled Future” with speaker Stefano Rivera

– Keynote on “The AI Classroom” exploring AI’s role in teaching and learning 

– “BrandED – Tell Your Story, Build Relationships, and Empower Learning” with speaker Eric Sheninger

– “Engaging All Students with Esports in Education” panel on expanding esports programs  

– “Cultivating Innovative Leadership” on fostering a culture of creation


Overall, FETC provided an invaluable opportunity to introduce LifeBrand to key decision-makers and thought leaders in social media literacy education. With the relationships built at FETC, LifeBrand is well on our way toward fulfilling our mission of shaping future generations of social media users. We believe that social media should empower and equip your reputation, not restrict it. 

To learn more about LifeBrand’s Social Media Literacy & Wellness (SMLW) e-Courses for both students & professionals, and to learn more about our SMLW Curriculum for schools, click here.