How to land NIL Deals with Your Social Media

September 14, 2023

You’ve read and learned all about the term NIL, but how can young students actually secure deals? 


One of the easiest ways is through social media!


Social media has already become a powerful tool for athletes to connect with fans, build their online presence, and gain sponsorships. Now, collegiate athletes can leverage their own social media platforms to build their personal brand and expand their network to secure NIL deals. Starting out on social media can be intimidating especially for an athlete on a demanding schedule. 


Here’s what to post to gain exposure:


  1. Highlights and “behind the scenes” footage: The most popular content that athletes post on social media is highlight reels of performances. There is no double that posting your impressive moments will attract the attention of potential sponsors. But posting more than your game-day performance such as your workout sessions, recovery techniques, wellness tips, and general lifestyle content will provide a deeper glimpse into your life and give potential sponsors a better idea of who you are.


  1. Personal stories inspirational messages: In addition to sports content, you can use social media to share your personal stories such as your journey, challenges and overall dedication to your sport. By sharing inspiring messages and insights into your lives, you can better connect with your audiences and portray yourself as a role model, ultimately making yourself more attractive to sponsors. 


  1. Community involvement: Another popular choice of content among athletes to post is advocacy. Sharing content regarding social change, charity events/fundraisers and volunteer work can highlight your commitment to making a positive impact beyond your sport. Most brands like to see social responsibility and philanthropy, so they may be more interested if you show that you are actively involved in your community. 


For young athletes, social media can be a stepping stone or a big block in the road to successful NIL deals. Posting responsible content online, showcasing that you align with their brand values, and actively managing your online presence can help collegiate athletes maximize their NIL opportunities. 


LifeBrand offers a simple solution for young athletes looking to build or maintain a strong online reputation. Our AI-powered software privately scans your social media accounts and once complete, flags any questionable content posted from their very first post. You then have the opportunity to keep, edit or delete the content. Additionally, every flagged post comes with an explanation, which helps young social media users understand why the technology chose to flag the content and ensure they don’t post similar content in the future. 


Student athletes work incredibly hard year-round on their sport to catch the attention of not only coaches, but now NIL recruiters. Don’t let social media be the reason you can’t capitalize on your name.