Do’s & Don’ts for Social Media Success

November 27, 2023

With the wide range of social media platforms and capabilities available today, having clear goals and a strategy is essential to avoid common onlinemistakes. Whether you hope to connect with family and friends, build an influencer brand, promote a business, or anything in between, understanding your objectives and tailoring your approach accordingly is key. 

Follow these Dos and Don’ts to ensure your social media success, whatever your goals may be:


DO share high-quality, valuable content. 

Post content that engages your audience and aligns with their interests. Use original images and videos, and use trending sounds, hashtags or viral trends!


DO optimize your profile.

Include relevant keywords and links in your bio to help likeminded followers, business connections or potential customers find you online. Make sure to have updated photos, information, URL’s, descriptions, etc. 


DON’T buy followers.

Fake followers won’t engage or share your content. Earn followers organically by providing value.


DO use captions and hashtags. 

Captions give context for your posts and prompt user interaction. Add subtitles to videos too so users can watch with the sound off. Add hashtags to increase the rate and range of potential engagement opportunities.


DO respond to comments and mentions

Social media is interactive, so stay on top of questions, comments and feedback from your audience and followers! 


DO be authentic. 

Use real photos, stories, testimonials, case studies, thoughts, feelings and opinions to showcase you or your businesses authentic brand personality! 


DO make sure your social media profiles are clean.

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