Back to School: Prepare Your Social Media for the Upcoming School Year

September 7, 2023

The back-to-school season is a time of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and the chance to make positive impressions on your peers, teachers, and even potential employers. As you prepare to head back to school, it’s important to remember the impact your social media presence can have on your personal and academic life. 


In today’s digital age, your online profiles serve as an extension of yourself, which virtually everyone has access to. As you prepare for classes to start, keep in mind that classmates, teachers, college admissions officers, and even future employers may come across your social media profiles. 


How can you prepare your social media for the upcoming school year?

  1. Review your pre-existing content.

    First impressions are everything when meeting new people, and your online presence often serves as a first impression before actually meeting face to face. However, looking through and contemplating deleting your posts, videos, and comments can be extremely time consuming. Due to this, other back-to-school tasks may take priority. Consider using LifeBrand’s social media scanner and cross the social media cleaning off the to do list within minutes.

  2. Start to build your brand.

    Your personal brand is essential for standing out academically and professionally and there’s no easier way to showcase your accomplishments and aspirations than social media. Sharing content that reflects your interests, hobbies, and positive experiences can help you connect with like-minded individuals, create a well-rounded online image and develop a strong personal brand for post graduation endeavors.

  3. Unfollow negativity.

    Your social media feed should be a source of inspiration, not negativity. Consider unfollowing or muting accounts that consistently share negative or distracting content and surround yourself with positive influences as this can have a great impact on your mindset during the school year.

  4. Update your privacy settings.

    Privacy settings are your first line of defense in controlling who can see your online activity. Reviewing and adjusting your settings will help you find the right balance between sharing with your friends and protecting your personal information. However, certain content can still be accessible to others, so it’s crucial to be mindful about what you share online.

Take a little bit of the stress out of the back-to-school season and make sure your social media is ready to go. For a quick way to clean up your socials before that first day of school, start the social media cleaning process with LifeBrand now!