Why NFL Draft Picks Should Clean Their Social Media

April 27, 2023

Calling all NFL Agents and Marketing Agents:

With the draft starting this week, we know you’ve done everything in your power to support your athletes and give them the best chance to not only be drafted, but to have the cleanest digital footprint and reputation to support this new step in their career.

We’ve all heard of athletes who are at the top of their game and career, who were torn down by one forgotten post that an angry opposing team fan found in their twitter feed. We’ev all seen reputations, careers and opportunities be taken away from someone because of something they’ve said on social media in the past. 


So, What’s a step that you can take to ensure your athletes’ social media process will not be the reason teams pass?

Run a LifeBrand social media cleaning to clean up any questionable posts that could hurt their reputation.

Here’s why…


NFL draft picks should clean up their social media because their online presence can have a significant impact on their reputation, which can, in turn, affect their career prospects. NFL teams are known to be extremely careful when it comes to drafting players, and they often conduct extensive background checks on potential picks, including reviewing their social media profiles.

For example, Laremy Tunsil, an elite offensive tackle out of Ole Miss who was a top prospect entering the 2016 NFL Draft, had a video leak of him hitting a gas-mask bong hours before he was to be selected near the top of the first round. This video was leaked as the draft was beginning, bumping him down to the Dolphins with the 13th overall pick (costing him approximately $12 million in salary and signing bonus in the process).

Inappropriate or controversial content on a player’s social media profiles can lead to negative publicity, which can damage the player’s reputation and reduce their chances of being drafted by an NFL team. Additionally, the NFL has strict conduct policies that all players are required to follow, and social media posts that violate these policies can result in disciplinary action.

Therefore, cleaning up social media profiles is essential for NFL draft picks to ensure they present themselves in the best possible light and maximize their chances of being selected by a team. This includes deleting any posts or comments that are offensive, derogatory, or controversial and avoiding posting anything in the future that could reflect poorly on them.

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