What is The LifeBrand Tunnel Club at The Lincoln Financial Field?

December 6, 2022

If you’re a Philadelphia Sports Fan, then you’ve definitely seen LifeBrand at at least ONE of the Stadiums this season.

Wondering what the huge purple sign out in right field at Citizens Bank Park is? Yup, that was us.

How about the purple banners at the Wells Fargo Center?? That’s us too..

‍So, what about The LifeBrand Tunnel Club at The Lincoln Financial Field..

Well, we may be biased, but it’s probably the coolest place to be for Game Day to cheer on the 11-1 Birds!

So, What is LifeBrand?

LifeBrand started in 2018 and has evolved to the Leader in Social Media Literacy, Education, and Personal Brand Development. We have partnered with local and national teams, law firms, schools, universities, small businesses, large corporations and more to bring social media education and awareness across the world.

Our AI Powered, patent-pending product and Nationally Accredited Courses empower all social media users to reach their full potential by maintaining a meaningful online presence. 

With just one click, our user-friendly dashboard reviews potentially unprofessional content across integrated platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter) and TikTok. Users can then Keep, Edit or Delete selected posts to curate a personal brand aligned with their goals and values.

We believe social media should empower and equip your reputation, not restrict it.


‍We are a Proud Partner and The Official Social Media Manager of The Philadelphia Eagles and had the amazing opportunity to create our very own club at The Eagles Stadium!

The LifeBrand Tunnel Club is located at the South Endzone of the stadium. Attendees can eat, drink, celebrate the team, celebrate wins, network, meet with new friends & cheer on the team as the Eagles players run out of the tunnel and onto the field right before your eyes. The LifeBrand Tunnel Club gives Eagles fans an Exclusive, Immersive Experience!

To learn more about LifeBrand, click HERE!