What happens on the fourth of July stays on the fourth of July, right? Think again.

July 1, 2021
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It’s almost that time of year again! The start of summer means backyard barbeques and pool parties with your favorite cocktail, craft beer, or perhaps a rosé or two. And with the fourth of July kicking off the season, you’re sure to either be hosting or attending a party or two.

The hot weather and bright sunshine always puts everybody in a much better mood. It’s time to break out the tank tops and shorts and party to kick off summer festivities. Whether you’re heading to a friend’s backyard or soaking up the sun at the beach, always keep in mind what you’re sharing online. 

Party hard, but don’t show the world.  

On the fourth of July some of the biggest parties and get-togethers are thrown, but not everything that happens there needs to be shared with the world. Take this opportunity to spend time with your friends and family without connecting online. Think about it, when was the last time you got to see everyone in one place?

As people get busier and life throws a bunch of curveballs your way, it’s important to make time for those who are most important to you. If you could choose to spend time with someone face to face or over a video call, which would you pick? Take this opportunity to make memories with those you love, and snap a few pics for your personal archive but be selective with what you share online. 

Making a good first impression means everything, and these days first impressions are often made online. When you’re applying for a job or meeting new people, you may not want your online past clouding their perception of you. Celebrating and having fun is a must, particularly after the year we’ve all had, but sharing your thoughts or drunken pictures online is a choice. 

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Remove those old photos

You’re likely more conscious of your online presence now than you were 5-10 years ago, but don’t forget that your past fourth of July celebrations might still be lurking around for others to find. 

Most of us have attended some pretty wild fourth of July parties in the past where photos have been shared online but they don’t have to stay there. You can still clean up your social media profiles and remove any embarrassing or potentially harmful posts and pictures that will negatively impact your personal brand

A post letting all your friends and followers know that you’re  “Def calling in sick tomorrow. LOL. #fourthofjuly #hungover”, probably felt pretty innocent in 2011 but in 2021 this might be something you’re not willing to share on a platform where your employer could see it. As social media has evolved so has your use of it so you might not be posting embarrassing photos or incriminating posts about calling in sick anymore but the old ones might still be out there. 

Before you party hard this fourth of July, take a moment and clean up your social media accounts. Using a platform like LifeBrand can help you quickly find and remove posts that you may prefer to delete from your account. Don’t let past-you foil an opportunity for future you.  Be proactive and take a couple of minutes to complete a free social media scan today.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your fourth of July celebrations, but always keep in mind that not everything that happens on the fourth of July needs to be shared online.