The Presenting Sponsor for the 2023 Silicon Slopes Summit: LifeBrand

October 12, 2023

LifeBrand was thrilled to serve as The Presenting Sponsor for the 2023 Silicon Slopes Summit where the country’s top entrepreneurs, tech leaders and innovators gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah to share insights on the latest business and technology trends.

Our team brought unmatched energy to the two-day summit, engaging with over 10,000 attendees and sharing how LifeBrand uses leading AI powered technology to clean and elevate personal brands for individuals and businesses.



We made countless connections at the Summit and walked away more inspired than ever about LifeBrand’s mission to shape the future of personal brand management. The energy and innovation at Silicon Slopes was truly electrifying. We’re already looking forward to next year’s summit and the new insights it will bring. As LifeBrand continues our rapid growth, conferences like this are invaluable for spotting the latest trends and forging partnerships.


LifeBrand, CEO T.J. Colaiezzi delivered a powerful keynote presentation on the main stage, alongside influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Jesse Itzler and more. He spoke about the growing importance of online reputation management and how LifeBrand empowers people to take control of their personal brand.


LifeBrand was created as a tool for individuals, companies and organizations to responsibly manage their social media presence in an ever-changing world. As society evolves, so do the standards by which people and brands are evaluated and judged.

As the #1 World Leader in social media literacy, wellness & education, our mission is to empower all social media users to reach their full potential by maintaining a meaningful digital presence. LifeBrand offers Two Nationally Accredited Social Media Literacy & Wellness Courses and our world leading, AI Powered Social Media Cleaning Tool.

LifeBrand’s user dashboard makes it simple to curate a powerful personal brand by bringing potentially unprofessional or harmful posts to users’ attention. With ease, users can keep, edit or delete questionable posts that may not represent who they are today. LifeBrand seeks to partner with individuals and companies who value responsible social media management and its impact on society.

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