Responsibility Across All Platforms

It only takes one off-color Facebook rant, Instagram post or tweet to tarnish your reputation. Take responsibility for your social media accounts and avoid the next social media scandal with LifeBrand.

Overlaid screenshots of Instagram profile with picture of young man in glasses and beanie and Facebook page with picture of red-headed woman sipping a drink in front of laptop.
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Twitter boasts a huge platform with millions of users sharing and discussing everything from football to current events. Old tweets can be quickly forgotten, only to be dug up years later, putting you in a compromising position. Save yourself the embarrassment and take responsibility for your Twitter account.  

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Instagram helps people share their lives through pictures, videos, and stories. Due to its popularity, this beloved app unfortunately suffers from many of the same problems as Facebook, with posts that can last forever. That’s why it’s important to scan and scrub Instagram posts effectively and easily to ensure social media responsibility.

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With such a large community, it's no wonder why so many social media scandals exist on Facebook. With no real best practices, peoples’ past mistakes can ruin their career and the brand of the company they work for. That's why it is crucial we provide our users with the ability to scan and scrub harmful Facebook posts.

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With LifeBrand it’s easy to take responsibility over your social media accounts. Our AI-based technology allows you to scan your chosen social media platform from the point of inception with one simple click. Potentially inappropriate or harmful posts will be flagged and it’s up to you to delete or ignore them.