Your sports future looks bright!

LifeBrand offers a tool to quickly clean up your social media. Don’t let one post ruin your chance of landing a sports scholarship.

A Tool To Quickly Clean Up Your Social Media

Don’t let one post ruin your chance of landing a sports scholarship.

To ensure your social media profiles accurately represent the athlete you are on and off the field with our AI-technology.

What is LifeBrand?

Our AI Powered Social Media Cleaning Tool and Nationally Accredited Social Media Literacy & Wellness e-Courses empower all social media users to reach their full potential by maintaining a meaningful online presence.

📲 Connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok

🔐 Securely auto-scan all posts on your accounts 

🚩 Keep, Edit or Delete any flagged posts from your dashboard

🚀 Tools to help you elevate your personal brand 


Connect one or multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok) you would like to clean.


With one click, our AI-technology scans your profiles and identifies any potentially harmful posts displaying it on your personal dashboard.


Delete or edit flagged posts to ensure your social profiles are an accurate representation of who you are today.

Read The Reviews

“This service can be a great assistance to anyone and I mean quite literally anyone. As crazy as it sounds, if you use social media, this can be a great asset to find things that you would not previously have recognized as content that you would not want others to view. A lot of times, we will respond to, or post things that would not be attributed as harmful to our personal image, however others may perceive it a totally different way. It was a great experience using LifeBrand and I would 100% recommend the application to anyone.


John W,

Industrial Engineer, 2023 Grad

Not only was LifeBrand a fun (and cringey) walk down memory lane but it also was a great asset for cleaning up almost 20 years of social media use. The best part was being able to delete the “offending” posts right from the LifeBrand scan. I would highly recommend LifeBrand for everyone.


Molly Brahmer,


This is one of the most important programs you will implement to protect your students and put them in a much better position beyond college. Social media is here to stay and we need to educate students on its potential, as well as the pitfalls.


Jill Bodensteine,

Director of Athletics at SJU