Security Is Our Highest Priority

We protect your data and keep your content safe. At LifeBrand, security is built into our design. Only you can see your posts, and we never share any sensitive information with third parties or store your credentials.

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Easy, Secure, Compliant

We use Stripe to collect payments, so your information is always safe and PCI compliant. Your credit card information is never saved to our site, and you can cancel at any time.

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Clear Analytics

While your LifeBrand report details the categories of flagged posts, it doesn’t reveal the posts themselves. We use your anonymized data to strengthen our AI, and the scanning process meets both FCRA and EEOC regulations.

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Our Commitment

You own your data. Whether it's your personal or work information, we are committed to keeping it private. Read our privacy policy on how we handle and protect your information.

Our file infrastructure is comprised of the following components

Metadata Servers

Basic information, called metadata, is stored in its own discrete storage service. Metadata includes basic account information like email address, name, and device name. Metadata also includes basic information about file features.


Highly-encrypted and secure, our server and Dropbox use 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption, TLS to protect data in transit, and SSL for data transfer.

Notification Service

A separate service monitors changes in LifeBrand accounts. When a change to a file takes place, the notification service signals a change to the relevant client.