Quick Tips to Help Build a Professional Social Media Profile Online

February 1, 2023

5 Quick Tips to Help Build a Professional Social Media Profile Online

  1. Fill out your bio

Your bio is a little bit like an ‘elevator pitch’ for people who visit your page. Your bio should be an introduction to who you are what you do. Your name, location, job, hobbies, businesses or links should all be included in your bio. Keep it short and sweet.

  1. Make sure your profile picture is clear & professional

Whether your profile image is your headshot or a logo for your business, make sure it is clear and professional. Leave your old college partying pics for the private albums, and make sure that is not the first image new followers or connections are seeing of you.

  1. Stray away from sensitive topics

Avoid getting caught up in any controversial conversations. Stay away from conversations including race, politics, religion, etc. Stay consistent. Followers like consistency. You want to make sure to stay in your bubble of expertise, this prevents any possible confusion or controversy.

  1. Use Consistent Usernames

Whether for your business or for your personal accounts, make sure your username is as consistent as it can be across all platforms. This will make it simple for others to follow you and find you on cross platforms. Make sure your username is thoughtful. If it isn’t your first an last name, make sure it is a name that reflects you or your business in a positive, professional light.

  1. Give people a sneak peek behind the curtain

You won’t believe how many people are interested in seeing what your daily schedule and work looks like! Behind the scenes content helps your followers and connections understand your process and helps engage them more. If you’re running out of content ideas, or looking for new ways to engage your audience, try sharing some ‘day in the life’ content or tips!