Social Media Innovator LifeBrand Forms Multi-Year Partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment

October 5, 2021

LifeBrand, an enterprising social media tech startup that offers unique solutions to help build and protect personal and corporate brands online, is excited to announce a multi-year partnership with Kraft Sports +Entertainment. LifeBrand’s enterprising solutions give individuals and businesses an easy way to clean up their digital footprint and help improve their brand on social media by quickly detecting potentially harmful content with the option to edit or delete.


Not only does the partnership include in-stadium branding, signage and on-site activations at Gillette Stadium, but Kraft Sports +Entertainment also intends to utilize LifeBrand’s technology as an added benefit for their personnel to help strengthen their online presence.


“LifeBrand has displayed an impressive aptitude in developing advanced social media technology solutions,” said Murray Kohl, Vice President of Corporate Partnership Sales for Kraft Sports + Entertainment. “Our organization places a high value on positive social media image and we are excited to utilize LifeBrand’s expertise through this partnership.”


Kraft Sports + Entertainment will also be first in line to utilize LifeBrand’s newest features and product enhancements as they are introduced.


“LifeBrand is thrilled to partner with Kraft Sports +Entertainment,” said T.J. Colaiezzi, Chief Executive Officer of LifeBrand. “They are a stellar and winning organization with an undeniable track record of success. They are the perfect partner to align with as we continue to grow our brand and expand our technology solutions.”


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PHOTO: LifeBrand billboard at Gillette Stadium