LifeBrand CEO TJ Colaiezzi Discusses Protecting Your Personal Brand on The Playbook Podcast with David Meltzer

October 30, 2021

Thomas “T.J.” Colaiezzi, Founder & C.E.O. LifeBrand, LLC, shares his insights on how the prevalence of social media has impacted the way that people cultivate a personal brand. He also talks about how some of the most common challenges that hiring managers face can be solved with technology, as well as the impact that these measures can have on a person or organization.


Colaiezzi and host of #ThePlaybook,David Meltzer, chat about a wide range of topics including the weight that comes with being an executive who is responsible for an entire team and the three most beneficial traits that make athletes great to hire.

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LifeBrand CEO TJ Colaiezzi featured on The Playbook Podcast with David Meltzer Episode 484