15 Things You Do Social Media… That Could Get Your Fired

Thomas J. Colaiezzi

July 18, 2018

Have you ever posted something on social media and then regretted it afterwards? Did
you ever think it might cost you your job? Well, guess what? In today’s society, it actually can! You’ve
worked really hard to land your job, so take a few minutes to check out list and prevent social media
from derailing your career.

1. Posting a photo of you relaxing on the beach or shopping with a friend when you called out “sick”
for work
2. Clicking the “share” button too soon, before you’ve had time to cool off or think about the
repercussions of an angry post
3. Tweeting negative comments about your company or fellow coworker, even if you don’t address
them by name
4. Posting overly exposed photos of yourself on social media, especially when you work in a
conservative sector
5. Instagraming your cute new coffee mug, but forgetting about the confidential information
noticeable on the computer screen behind it
6. Posting non-stop during the day, when you should actually be working on projects or paying
attention in meetings
7. Liking images on your newsfeed that contain racist, sexists, or other offensive images
8. Posting revengeful comments after being passed over for a promotion on your private account (that
your coworker just screenshotted and sent to your boss)
9. Sharing memes with vulgar language that could be considered offensive
10. Following distasteful accounts on social media that are aimed at belittling certain groups of people
11. Posting private information that could be used to target your company if placed in the wrong hands
12. Sharing life poor choices, like “I was so drunk last night, I’m not sure how I drove home”
13. Posting unflattering photos of colleagues that you snapped without their permission at a company
14. Sharing pictures of illegal or controversial items, such as drugs or guns, on your personal account
15. Sharing strong political or religious views that could be off-putting to potential clients

Remember, social media is part of your personal brand, and what it says about you can make or break
your career! Check out our CleanBrand technology to make sure posts from your past don't come back to haunt you.