February 14, 2022

Did you know that 40% of Americans use online dating? And even if you don’t use a dating app or online website, direct messaging (DMing) has become a popular method of pursuing a significant other. Today’s reality is that social media is one of the most influential tools to finding love. So how can we help? We have some online dating tips and tools for you!

Here at LifeBrand, we help individuals clean up their social media profiles from any questionable content. Our technology analyzes a social media account all the way from inception, and highlights any posts that could be considered questionable. Once this is complete, we give users the ability to either keep or delete these posts.

LifeBrand’s technology can actually be really helpful for the dating process. Since so many people are meeting through social media, now is the perfect time to use LifeBrand to make sure the best version of yourself is being represented online.

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day, and we want to boost your chances of being struck by Cupid’s arrow! If you’re searching for a Valentine’s Day date, there’s typically two ways of doing that.

       Method 1: Using social media or online dating apps to connect with new people.

  • This is the most realistic option for the younger generations. It’s pretty explanatory here why you should make sure your social media is positive, since you are using it as a tool to meet new people…

       Method 2: Asking someone out via in-person communication.

  • If you went the old school route of setting up a date with someone through an in-person encounter, well then kudos to you! But… this also probably means that you stalked their social media accounts after your encounter 😉 And well, they probably stalked yours too. So, let’s make sure that your social media is clean and ready to be snooped on!

Social media has really become a juggernaut for all facets of our lives, even online dating. Here at LifeBrand, we just want everyone to feel loved and cherished on a day like Valentine’s Day. We hope our online dating tips and technology have the potential to support individuals in their quest for a Valentine, so take advantage of our free trial today!