One-on-One with TJ Colaiezzi & Joe Giglio

April 29, 2021
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Our CEO, TJ Colaiezzi, had the chance to sit down with Joe Giglio, the host of Philadelphia’s 94 WIP-FM’s evening show. TJ talks through all things LifeBrand from how it started, to how it actually works and why everyone needs to use this life changing AI tool. Watch the video below to get the full story or check out our quick recap below.

How did LifeBrand get started?

TJ had been working as a fitness industry executive for almost two decades, and during the hiring process one thing they would always do was check the applicants social media presence. But at the time there was no legitimate way to do a social media background check. TJ saw that this was a massive problem for many businesses. The fact is, the people you hire can affect your corporate brand, so doing what you can to ensure it’s protected is imperative. It’s this thought process that drove TJ to bring LifeBrand to life back in April 2018.

How does LifeBrand work?

You start by connecting your social media profiles to the AI software. It then begins to scan your posts and flag anything that is commonly problematic. The software then gathers all your potentially harmful posts and organizes them into an easy to digest list. It’s at this point the user comes in and chooses whether to keep or delete the posts that have been flagged. LifeBrand doesn’t delete any posts, it’s always up to the user. 

Do people tend to not remember things they’ve posted in the past? 

That’s a big yes! After people finish their free scan, LifeBrand shows the user the number of potentially harmful posts they have on their social media profiles. On average, a user will have around 33 flagged posts. This doesn’t mean all of those posts are going to get you fired or stop you from landing that dream job, most tend to be innocent…but some can be potentially problematic. So it’s important to review them with fresh eyes, and decide if right now, in this day and age and in the current world’s context if they are still OK to have out there in the ether.

LifeBrand is here to help you get ahead in life. You might not remember every single post you’ve published, but our AI software does. Take a couple minutes to try our free scan and see how many potentially harmful posts you may have. Don’t let your social media get in the way of your future.