LifeBrand Trail-blazes Social Media Education and Awareness for Universities

December 9, 2022

The LifeBrand team continues to trailblaze in Lower & Upper Education as we share our technology with High Schools, Colleges and Universities across the nation!

This November, LifeBrand has partnered with and workshopped Saint Joseph’s University Athletes from the Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Baseball, Women’s Lacrosse and Women’s Softball teams to educate students on the importance of cultivating a professional and positive personal brand on their social media accounts.

After sharing the scary truth about how harmful social media can be in today’s digital world for young people as they cultivate their NIL, Sponsorships, Scholarships and prepare for their first jobs after college – our team shares comprehensive tools to give these students a competitive advantage for their futures.

At the end of The LifeBrand Workshop, our team helps the students through the process of using the LifeBrand dashboard, connecting their social media accounts and beginning their social media cleaning.

The LifeBrand team and students had a great time seeing what flagged posts pop up from their past and help them with any questions (If the students choose to share with us.) At the end of our workshop, the students have access to their personal LifeBrand Dashboard indefinitely (which is not seen or reviewed internally by their school or by LifeBrand.)

The need for Social Media education and success tools is at an all time high as our world continues to evolve into a digital landscape. As the tangible resume gets replaced by Social Media, the importance of having a clean, professional personal brand across all platforms grows.

LifeBrand is here to make cleaning up your socials simple, quick and fun. To learn more about our tech, head to

For more information about how your school & students can benefit from our AI-powered Technology, please contact our VP of Sales, Business Development and Education Division, John Davis, at