LifeBrand teams up with Personal Branding Educator and TEDx Speaker

March 10, 2023

West Chester, PA –  LifeBrand is excited to announce a new partnership with Dr. Scott Grant, Founder of Triple Threat Leadership and  They plan to collaboratively expand LifeBrand’s & Triple Threat Leadership’s reach to students and parents. This partnership will ultimately give students another piece of the puzzle as they move forward successfully in their life journey.

Dr. Scott Grant is a college professor, as well as was a former high school teacher, varsity head coach, athletic director, and school board member.  He is a nationally renowned speaker and consultant in Personal Branding, Social Media Education, Leadership Development, as well Name, Image, & Likeness at the High School Level.  Additionally, as a former Division I Athletic Operations and Leadership Development Director at The University of North Carolina, he is no stranger to working with teams, creating an inspiring environment while coaching, facing challenges and fostering leadership principles.

“One of our core values at Triple Threat Leadership is about Adding Value to Others through all the programs, workshops, and strategic partnerships that we offer. As we continue to be a leader in social media & personal branding education, a partnership with LifeBrand seemed to align with that core value wholeheartedly. The LifeBrand program offers an additional step and service to positive online development not only to junior high and high school students, but also any individual / organization we work with. Social Media isn’t going away, and Triple Threat Leadership in collaboration with LifeBrand can continue to help people build a purpose, create a plan, and add value to their lives moving forward.” – Dr. Scott Grant, Founder of Triple Threat Leadership

LifeBrand is at the forefront of social media wellness by helping individuals, as well as the brands they represent, demonstrate the best versions of themselves on social media. This is accomplished through both education as well as using LifeBrand’s technology.

“As we look to align with strategic partners in this space, we look for individuals and companies that represent the same goals. Dr. Grant and Triple Threat Leadership display those qualities through educational workshops that speak to the importance of your personal brand and building solid relationships. “I can only hope that at the end of my lifetime I can look back and be proud of what matters most, the positive impacts I had on others during the time I was allowed.” (Dr. Scott Grant “Where Impacts Begin”)” – Lou Lesperance, VP of Revenue and Strategy at LifeBrand.

About LifeBrand: LifeBrand is the leader in social media detection and education. Through the use of AI powered machine learning, our technology locates and flags potentially harmful social media posts. With ease, users can keep, edit or delete these posts directly from our dashboard. LifeBrand also offers a nationally accredited Social Media Awareness and Accountability Certification (SMAA) eCourse for individuals and companies to better learn responsible social media use. For more information, please visit or email

About Triple Threat Leadership: Triple Threat Leadership offers a wide variety of organizational / personal branding, social media strategy, NIL, college preparation, leadership, and other presentations and workshops for student and parent groups, as well as organizations of all types and sizes. For more information, please visit,, or email

Watch Dr. Grant’s TEDX Video Here: