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Welcome to LifeBrand, where we partner with executive search firms, recruiters, and human resource professionals to evaluate and improve social media outcomes. Our dynamic AI software is both FCRA and EEOC compliant. We continue to help empower businesses just like yours with social impact scoring, and overall results-driven audits to utilize social media more efficiently, while protecting your brand.

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LifeBrand Enables Our Partners to More Thoroughly Vet Candidates

As an executive search firm, what your candidates say on social media directly affects you, your company, and partnerships. One inappropriate post can damage your brand and reputation.

What happens on social media matters now more than ever. When human resource professionals and talent acquisition professionals partner with LifeBrand, they control the narrative. Our intuitive AI software scans employees’ and candidates’ social media networks for any inappropriate or compromising content—and gives the employee the opportunity to remove it.

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Remove Inappropriate Content and Acquire Valuable Data

While eradicating any inappropriate or controversial content, LifeBrand provides valuable, analyzed data—such as the summary of posting categories and number of posts deleted— to help improve social media standing.

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What if your company could earn income from every job seeker that uploads their resume onto your platform, while creating a more polished and hirable applicant than before, at no cost to you?

When job seekers scan their social media pages with LifeBrand, they have a much better chance of getting hired. As the executive recruiter, you are able to protect potential commissions, and save countless hours by not having to manually scan social media pages.

Here’s how it works: right after an applicant uploads their resume, they receive a prompt asking them to scan their social media to detect any inappropriate or controversial posts. If any posts are flagged as inappropriate, the applicant has the option to pay a one time fee to remove those posts, and also continue with ongoing monitoring for a nominal charge per month. The best part is we share this revenue with you!

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LifeBrand Helps Companies Climb Above the Competition

Executive search and recruitment companies that stand out, are the organizations that fully vet their candidates. Here is how we help companies like yours stand apart:

To date, LifeBrand has helped provide human resource departments and professionals with upwards of 12,000 audits. In doing so, we have learned…

  • There is an average minimum of 32 changes that need to be made across employee social media accounts!
  • Social Impact Scores (SIS) matter.  Our unique algorithm reveals why social media channels have a negative score and provides steps to help improve your overall SIS (correcting grammar and spelling, how to boost post engagements, and reducing the probability for negative interactions).

LifeBrand has and continues to help countless companies protect their brand, save money, avoid legal ramifications, and more!

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Time to Give Your Social Media Rating a Spin

While we steadfastly stand behind the value of LifeBrand as a safety measure and strategic solution for your company, we want you to experience the benefits firsthand.

Schedule a custom demo now! 

A personalized LifeBrand demo includes:

  • A FREE set of employee scans
  • A helpful video demo of how our AI social media scanning software works
  • Insight into the number of potentially harmful social media posts
  • Summary of Social Impact Score with improvement action suggestions

Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage social media narratives where and when it matters most! Contact us now for a FREE consultation and to learn more about LifeBrand.

How it Works?

Step 1.

In 1 click connect social media accounts you would like to run through our AI based scan.

Step 2.

Our system runs through all of your social media posts and will identify potentially harmful posts.

Step 3.

Selected posts are deleted and you are provided with a confirmation report.

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