Leveraging Advances in HR Technology to Revolutionize Recruiting

December 23, 2020

Thanks to a new partnership between LifeBrand and JazzHR, thousands of businesses will be able to leverage cutting-edge HR technology to recruit better and hire faster than ever before. 

“JazzHR is proud to partner with LifeBrand to help businesses make the most informed hires possible,” said JazzHR Chief Sales Officer Chuck Brownfield. “Together, our integrated solution will empower teams to protect their brand with fully compliant social media background checks. Combined with traditional screening methods, this technology allows businesses to make more confident recruiting decisions in just a few clicks.”

JazzHR supports a network of over 7,000 businesses who will soon have access to LifeBrand’s AI-powered social media background check technology that is both FCRA and EEOC compliant. LifeBrand has identified the practice of “Social Media Snooping” during the hiring process and brought it above table, making it a positive opportunity for potential employees to improve their personal brand, and thus improving the brand and reputation of their employer.

“Jazz HR is a trusted name in the HR space,” said LifeBrand Founder and CEO T.J. Colaiezzi. “It is extremely validating for us that they immediately saw the value in our technology and that they are as excited as we are to bring our technology to their clients.  We can’t wait to help them ‘recruit better and hire faster.'” 

This new partnership with JazzHR marks LifeBrand’s second full scale integration with a trusted leader in the HR space. Both integrations are scheduled to be completed and go live in Q1 of 2021.

To learn more about how LifeBrand’s HR technology works and how your business can leverage it to improve your recruitment, hiring and brand management efforts, contact (610) 701-8607 or info@lifebrand.life

About LifeBrand

LifeBrand offers a disruptive and much-needed technology in the HR space. Their mission is to be the world leader in Social Media Background Check Technology. With their patent-pending FCRA and EEOC compliant technology, they have built a safer, more compliant way to perform social media background checks to protect the privacy and rights of employees and employers. Learn more at https://www.lifebrand.life/ 


About JazzHR

JazzHR is powerful, user-friendly and affordable recruiting software purpose-built to help growing companies exceed their recruiting goals. JazzHR’s best-in-class solution replaces manual, time-consuming hiring tasks with intuitive tools and automation, empowering hiring managers to recruit and hire the right talent faster. To learn more about JazzHR, visit www.jazzhr.com.