It’s the next stage of your life, start the first year of college the right way.

August 27, 2021
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College is right around the corner and you’ll be on your way to your next adventure. Your parents will have to accept that it’s now time for you to leave home and to venture off on your own. The first year of college can be scary. You’re moving away from your family and friends and having to rely on yourself a lot more. But it’s also going to be one of the best experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. It will be stressful at times, but just know, once you’re through it, you’ll probably miss it (even if it’s just a little). 

But before you leave for college, there are several life skills that you should know. Like, separating your laundry before you wash it, ironing that linen shirt on the right setting, creating and maintaining a budget, and so much more. But lucky for you, we’ve put together a quick crash course with the top 5 things you need to know before you leave your childhood home and head off on your very first big adventure. 

How to do laundry

When you’re away at college your parents won’t be 10 feet away from you when you have a question or are unsure how to do something. Laundry is one of those things that you will have to do eventually, so why not learn earlier than later.

To avoid running out of clean clothes you should:

  • Set a schedule. Determine how often you’re going to do your laundry, this will vary from person to person, but make a plan and stick to it. 
  • Read the labels. Nothing is worse than shrinking your favorite shirt or turning a white shirt pink. Take the time to read and understand the labels to never run into these mishaps. 
  • Never leave your things unattended. In most dorms, you’ll be using a communal laundry room so keep an eye on your things including your clothes, laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc. 
  • Fold and put them away as soon as possible. If you fold and put away your laundry as soon as you’re done, this will help prevent any wrinkles on your clothes and clutter next to your bed. Try to aim for folding it before you leave the laundry room or right when you get back into your room. 

How to create and maintain a budget

Leaving home also means having to be aware of how much money you’re spending a day. Moving to college you’ll end up having more expenses than you’ve had before. You’ll now have to account for student loans, travel expenses, and parking (if you drive). Even daily choices like your morning $4.50 latte will end up costing you $1,170 a year. This money could be put towards paying off your student debt or even taking a well-deserved vacation. 

Change a tire/jumpstart a car

This is a life skill that you should always have in your back pocket. You never know when you’ll get a flat tire and need to throw on that spare. Whether it’s you driving or you’re along for the ride with your friends, nothing is worse than getting stuck in the middle of the road feeling hopeless and helpless. Plus it’s an impressive skill to have!

Organize important documents 

Keeping your important documents organized is another important thing you’ll have to do before you leave for college. You’ll be on your own for the very first time and having all your documents in one place and in order is so important. The top three things you should do with your documents are:

  1. Separate them into categories. We suggest academic and personal. 
  2. Make copies. Use a scanner or even your phone’s camera to take a digital copy. It’s very important to have a copy just in case you misplace it. 
  3. Keep one set of copies at home. This will not only help if you do lose one copy but will also give you peace of mind if you forgot to back your photos up to the cloud and lose your phone. 

Clean properly 

Moving out means that you won’t have your parents nagging you every day to clean your room, tidy up your desk, or put your clothes away. If you don’t do some light cleaning or even take out the trash, your dorm room can quickly become a pigsty. Take a moment to ask your parents what cleaning supplies they use to keep their house clean, and if they have any tips and tricks for you. 

Nothing is worse than having a dirty room with bacteria floating in the air that can cause you to get sick right before midterms and finals. Having a clean room will keep your mind clear and focused on your studies.

Moving away from home for college can be one of the scariest things that you experience in your lifetime. You’re starting a new chapter, but this also means you’ll be able to write it the way that you want. This might mean leaving some of your younger self behind and showing off the parts of you that you’re most proud of. The problem is a lot of your younger self might live online. 

Bonus sixth thing you need to know before you start college…

Your online past doesn’t have to live in your offline future. LifeBrand is here to help you get that clean social media to start your college experience. It’s time to review anything embarrassing you said when you were younger and remove anything that doesn’t showcase who you are today.  You’ve now grown up to be a young adult who makes smarter and better decisions. Don’t wait any longer, make the smarter decision now and start scrubbing.