Protect Your Social Media Reputation

See how a clean social media history protects your online reputation and your career.

Overlapping screenshots of graph and charts with numbers overlaid onto a Facebook profile

Simple and Affordable

An easy, one-click process from scan to scrub starting at just $9.97.

You Decide What
to Delete

Innovative AI gathers your flagged posts. You get to decide which ones to delete and which ones to keep.


Security is our top priority. Scanned posts and data are never stored on LifeBrand servers. Your social media scrub begins and ends on the platform itself.

Social Media Use Trends Over Time

Monthly scans help you stay on top of your personal brand. You can track flagged posts each month and see trends improve as you become more responsible and knowledgeable.

AI-Based Social Media Screening

AI flags common offenses and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or political affiliation.

Social Media Scrubs in Just Minutes

No more endlessly scrolling to find potentially harmful posts. In seconds, scan your pages from their inception. Clean social media profiles are quick and easy with LifeBrand.