How to use LifeBrand to complete a social media health check in 5 minutes

July 18, 2021
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Ready to take a stroll down memory lane? The team behind LifeBrand knows that not everything we’ve posted to our own social media accounts highlight our sparkling personalities, glowing intellect and generous nature. 

20 + years ago you could make a mistake, learn and move on, and it would rarely come back to haunt you. And while social media has its place in our present day lives, what we put there 10 years ago can be cringey, embarrassing and even sometimes damaging to our reputation. 

That’s why LifeBrand was created! 

Following the below simple steps, we can help highlight any social media posts that you may want to review and delete. 

I want to but I’m worried about my account security

The best part, it’s totally secure. We don’t share your information with third parties, we don’t store your scanned posts or data and we don’t have access to your private or direct messages. 

OK. Let’s get started!

1. Head to and create an account.

2. Once you’re set up you can choose which social media accounts you’d like to connect (Twitter or Facebook, Instagram is coming soon) and click Start My First Scan.

3. We’re checking it out for you. You can have a well-earned rest during this part. 

4. All done – now over to you.

5. Any posts that contain potentially harmful content will be flagged, but the rest is up to you. You can choose to delete or ignore a post directly from the LifeBrand page.The search feature allows you to find posts, both flagged and unflagged, by keyword. Maybe you’d made some off remarks about your new boss’ favorite basketball team a few years ago… 

So, do you have 5 minutes to protect your future?

Choose from our 3 different options!


A free scan will show you how many flagged posts we pick up and will give you the specific details on two of them. 

One-Time ($9.97)

Get the specifics of all your flagged posts and choose to ignore or delete any of them. Search all your posts for keywords and view a detailed report of your results. 

Unlimited ($9.97 then $3.97 a month)

As a monthly subscriber to LifeBrand you can run scans of your social media accounts at any time. Access more comprehensive reporting as well as the same benefits included in the one-time option. 


Get ahead of your social media past today by starting with a free scan.