How to Make a Twitter Account Private

December 7, 2020

What does taking responsibility for your Twitter account mean?

For some, the first thing that comes to mind is whether it’s best to change security settings. But, before jumping to “how to make your Twitter account private,” there are other things to consider. While there may be a time and a place to privatize your social media accounts, if you are actively seeking a job, are hoping to push a product or service, or want to be a social media influencer, you may want to reconsider! There are, however, still things you can do to protect your social media reputation while also maintaining a “virtual presence.”

It’s Not Necessarily “How to Make a Twitter Account Private,” But, Make it Better!

What does a private Twitter account look like? I mean really, who can see my tweets if my account is private? To answer the first question, a private account, as innocuous as it seems, can appear as though you are hiding something—especially in the eyes of an employer. Second, only those who request to “follow” your private account and are accepted (by you) can see your tweets. As unobjectionable as both questions and answers may be, one of the biggest arguments against privatizing a Twitter account, applies to the job seeker. 

According to research, employers that come across private social media accounts often move these job seekers’ resumes to the bottom of the pile. Additionally, an estimated 47% of employers reported that if they could not find a social media account at all, they were less likely to arrange an interview with a potential candidate. 


Many employers and recruiters have similar reasons. Having an account that is in lockdown or nonexistent can imply you have something you’d rather not have them see. It also means that employers and executive search firms don’t have any way to cross-reference your resume with what your social media accounts say about you—and they can say a lot!

Rather than press private on your Twitter settings, some people opt to have two accounts—one that’s more professional and allows them to showcase their talents and skills—the other a private account for family photos and information they’d rather not share with an employer. This option, however, is not recommended. 

Employers who see two Twitter accounts might view it as a deceitful move (what are you hiding?). Furthermore, be cautioned that others that follow you, although prevented from re-tweeting your posts (should you request it), can still screenshot and share your posts that way. 

Instead, we recommend that you… 

  • Screen Your Twitter Posts

At LifeBrand, we understand the dilemma that comes with wanting to have responsible social media accounts, yet not truly knowing what that looks like. Our FCRA and EEOC compliant reputation management technology scans social media posts and flags them for any at-risk content. It enables users to keep their accounts public, while helping them maintain a clean platform—removing the guesswork. 

Save Time (and Stress): Get Help!

At LifeBrand, we have the advanced technology to help save you time by not having to spend hours sifting through Twitter and other social media accounts. We’ll flag the posts that are potentially harmful, and you can spend time building your brand, eliminating worry over getting hired for your dream job, and having more bandwidth to do what you do. 

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