How Do I Delete My Tweets?

March 1, 2023

Delete your old tweets with a simple click.

For social media users, there can be a variety of different reasons for wanting to delete old tweets. The good news? We don’t judge! Whether you’re applying for a new job and don’t want your potential employer to see something you sent out back in 2009, Headed to college and want to make sure your old tweets don’t prevent you from any new opportunities this year, or maybe just giving yourself a clean slate and a fresh start – We’ve got you covered.

Deleting Old Tweets when Changing Job or Industries:

“It was a good way to delete 10 years of old tweets that might surface during a job interview.”

— Harsh Sharma (@harsh_sharma13) May 11, 2020

Deleting Old Tweets because you’re allowed to evolve and grow!

Deleting Old Tweets because you have too many angry rants posted..

Have you ever rushed to Twitter when you were mad, intoxicated or heated about your favorite TV show ending?!? Sometimes we forget to go back and delete those embarrassing heat of the moment posts after we’ve shared them. A few of those regrettable tweets are probably living way back on your timeline, and it’s okay to get rid of them! Unless you’re still angry about that TV show….

How to Delete Old Tweets

Whatever your reason is for deleting old tweets, don’t worry, we don’t judge and LifeBrand has got your back. LifeBrand, an AI powered social media cleaning tool, can help you delete your tweets by filtering through old posts based off of keywords, hashtags, audio, video, language, and more so that you can delete your old tweets quickly and efficiently.

How to Get Started

Sign up for LifeBrand, click the button to connect your twitter account. At the Authorization window, type your Twitter username and password. You’ll have to give LifeBrand permission to access your Twitter account. Click the Sign in button.

Once back at LifeBrands dashboard, click Start Scan. It should only take a few minutes to find all of those tweets, so sit tight. Once your scan is complete, you can filter your old tweets however you’d like to clean them up as quickly and efficiently as possible!