Cleaning Up Our Own Social Presence: LifeBrands NEW Website is LIVE!

April 17, 2023

As the world leader in social media cleaning technology, at LifeBrand, we know the power and importance of your online presence and digital footprint. 

We believe that through social media, we can empower all social media users to reach their full potential through building and maintaining a digital presence. Because of this, we know that your social media presence and personal brand must evolve and grow as you do. We’re excited to announce that as we continue to grow, expand and evolve as a company, so must our online presence, and with that, our new website is LIVE!

This new website update includes: 

  • Updated, accurate information
  • Updated FAQ’s
  • Business and individuals hub 
  • Additional strategic partners
  • New testimonials from our happy clients and users
  • More detailed pricing 
  • Courses and Education 
  • … and more!

We’ve made these important changes so that our visitors, partners, users and new clients have a clear understanding of who LifeBrand is and find the answer to every question they have when visiting our website. 


Click the links below to explore our new site:


Check out a few of our New Client Testimonials:

Saint Joseph’s University, Jill Bodensteine: Director of Athletics

“This is one of the most important programs you will implement to protect your students and put them in a much better position beyond college. Social media is here to stay and we need to educate students on its potential, as well as the pitfalls.”

Triple Threat Leadership, LLC, Dr. Scott Grant: President & Chief Impact Officer

“One of our core values at Triple Threat Leadership is about Adding Value to Others through all the programs, workshops, and strategic partnerships that we offer.   As we continue to be a leader in social media & personal branding education, a partnership with LifeBrand seemed to align with that core value wholeheartedly.  The LifeBrand program offers an additional step and service to positive online development not only to junior high and high school students, but also any individuals we work with.  Social Media isn’t going away, and Triple Threat Leadership in collaboration with Lifebrand can help people continue to build a purpose, create a plan, and add value to their lives moving forward.”


We are excited to share our newly updated website with our clients and users, we encourage you to take a look around and explore what’s new with LifeBrand, our new courses, FAQ’s and more! Check it out now at