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Background Checks Will Likely Become a Necessity for Hiring in the Near Future, How To Find Deleted Accounts, What is Social Media Services, How to Audit on Yourself

December 3, 2019

Would your social media accounts pass a social media background check with a positive score if a recruiter were to run a check on you right now?

Most people automatically think back to their past posts from years ago and start to get nervous when they think of having a social media check done on themselves.

They worry that the person they were 10 years ago will be found by this scan and have a negative influence on their current reputation. They instantly regret all the negative or inappropriate posts they made or reposted from others years ago. They worry because they know that who they were back then isn’t who they are now. Read below to learn more about the future of social media checks.

What’s a Social Media Background Check? I’m sure you’ve probably heard of a background check, a client audit or a credit check before. These common checks generally pop up when you’re getting hired at a new company or requesting to borrow money from a bank.

A background check generally looks at a candidate’s previous employment, education, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle and license records to analyze the type of person they are. A credit check, is a scan of all your credit accounts where lenders report on the type of account, the date you opened the account, your credit limit or loan amount, the account balance, and your payment history then provide you with a score.

A social media check is essentially along the same lines as those, but it’s a new software that can scan through your social media accounts and look for both negative and positive things you post or affiliate yourself with in order to generate a score. This score than allows your recruiter to see what kind of candidate you are and if you could possibly be a threat to their company with what you publicly say online. If the scores positive, it could increase your chances of getting hired with this company because everything you do online looks good and they won’t have to worry about you being a liability.

Why do we think it will become a necessity in recruiting? According to statistics done by Statista, the amount of social media users in 2019 has risen to approximately 2.34 billion. It’s expected to grow to approximately 2.95 billion by 2020 and continue to rise from there.

As you can see, social media is a huge part of our everyday lives and most people use it to express themselves. With that being said, you can find out a lot about someone by what they say and post on social media. From their hobbies, to who they hang out with, what they believe in, and how they dress.

Analyzing one's social media accounts is a great way to create a fast, generalized overview of a person you have never even met.

How to do a clean up on my social media accounts?

One thing you should NOT do is waste hours of your precious time scrolling through 10 years of posts to delete everything you regret.

What you should do, is use LifeBrand to scan your social media accounts from inception in just minutes in order to find any inappropriate posts and delete or ignore them. Give it a try today!