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"Mr. Wonderful" Awards LifeBrand the Winner of StartEngine Pitch Competition

November 3, 2020
Kevin O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful,” from ABC’s hit TV series, “Shark Tank” has picked a Philadelphia-based startup as the winner of a competition created by StartEngine. Out of nearly 1500 startups, LifeBrand was the last one standing, chosen by O’Leary to win the $10,000.00 grant.

StartEngine, who hosted the pitch competition, enables everyday people to become angel investors and venture capitalists by giving them access to startup investment opportunities.

“We’ll be using that money to hire additional employees and create new jobs,” said LifeBrand’s Founder and CEO, Thomas “T.J.” Colaiezzi of Springfield, PA. Colaiezzi started his professional career as a janitor at a Philadelphia area LA Fitness and worked his way up as top salesman, general manager, and then district vice president. It was at L.A. Fitness where he learned his passion for business and sales. Now, he is helping many businesses and individuals clean up and monitor their social media reputation. Whether you’re one person or an entire company, Colaiezzi says LifeBrand takes 100% control of your social media. 

LifeBrand utilizes continual machine learning to locate and remove harmful content off of your social media accounts. It scans social media accounts for potentially inappropriate or controversial material, then removes it. Nearly everyone in their younger years has posted something that doesn’t reflect well on them as an adult, nor for the company that they work for. LifeBrand helps protect individual and company reputations. 

Social media is far too important for employers to ignore, but employers needed a compliant way to check social media. That’s where LifeBrand comes in. LifeBrand has developed the only FCRA compliant way for companies to run social media background checks, similar to criminal background checks or credit checks. This not only protects the employer but also potential employees’ rights by notifying them ahead of time that their social media content could affect the hiring decision. It gives the employee the ability to review their content and essentially brings the process of social media snooping or recruiting “above board.” 

“This is a strong entrepreneur with every question answered. He nailed it…I totally see the opportunity for what this could be, and how important it is, and how I want to use it in my businesses”

- Kevin O’Leary

“I’m blown away [that] he picked us as a winner, thank you Kevin O’Leary and StartEngine for one of the best days of my life. This is just the beginning,” said Thomas Colaiezzi. 

You can read more about StartEngine's First Pitch Competition on its website.

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