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AI is the Future of Online Reputation Management: Stop Manual Audits!

January 25, 2021

How You Can Stop Wasting Time, Starting Today

Sarah is a human resources professional who wants to streamline procedures so she can spend more time on people-focused activities. Tasks like job posting, scheduling, time tracking, and computing payroll are all performed by software programs. She can automate so much of her job, so why is it that Sarah keeps finding herself spending inordinate amounts of time on social media reputation management?

Social media has become an increasingly important source of information for the HR department, not only to assess candidates but also to learn about what’s happening with current employees. Are employees reflecting the values of the organization? One day she checked an employee’s social media profile on a whim, only to find that the employee was posting toxic, derogatory comments about certain groups of people. This opened Sarah’s eyes to the ways in which social media can so easily become a liability for the company.

What Sarah needs is a way to manage this liability in the most efficient, accurate manner. But, she also needs to know and prove that she’s doing this in accordance with current laws and regulations. That’s why she’s considering LifeBrand, a fully-compliant artificial intelligence solution designed to identify potentially harmful posts from any point in a person’s social media history. 

LifeBrand delivers the same level of accuracy and efficiency as other human resource tools while protecting its users from discrimination lawsuits. 

Four Ways Online Reputation Management Companies Protect (And Benefit) Your Business 

If you or anyone else at your company are manually reviewing social media to make personnel decisions, your company could already be at risk for legal exposure. Here are a few of the benefits of using LifeBrand instead: 

  1. Conserves Time and Produces Faster Search Results

As a recruiter or human resources manager, have you ever wasted more time than you had allotted because you were scrolling through someone’s social media history? Reviewing a candidate’s social media profile can be very informative, of course. But, who has the time to scroll back through and read years of posts? 

Even if you do invest this time to look at a social media profile, you may be missing important information due to privacy settings. With LifeBrand, you get faster, more reliable information because the candidate gives the tool permission to scan their profile.  

  1. Protects Against Discrimination 

We’ve already hinted that you may already be at risk legally if you have been manually checking a candidate’s social media. The reasons for this are complex. U.S. federal law protects individuals from employment discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, and other factors (Title VII). When you take a peek at a candidate’s profile, it’s possible you will learn things that you wouldn’t know otherwise (and wouldn’t ask at an interview). 

For these reasons, using LifeBrand can reduce your liability by removing the possibility of prejudice based on these factors. Artificial intelligence will be the one scanning social media, not you––and you’ll only receive information about flagged posts. 

  1. Reduces Margin of Error When Scanning Online Content

It’s not a stretch to say that scrolling through social media isn’t the most accurate method of identifying problematic posts. You may skip over a post with questionable content because the text appears to be about something else. Or, you might misjudge a candidate because you’re looking at the profile of a different person with the same name. 

These errors may produce negative consequences. But, with LifeBrand, you can rest assured that it’s up to the artificial intelligence to find harmful posts. And, you won’t make the mistake of reviewing the wrong profile since the candidate must input their own account information into the tool. 

  1. Saves Money by Managing Online Reputation Safely and Efficiently

Saved time always means saved money for a company. But even beyond improving productivity, using LifeBrand will protect your organization from expensive lawsuits. Data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reveals that retaliation cases are rising, with the largest number of complaints associated with Title VII. Using LifeBrand’s artificial intelligence tool is a way to demonstrate that you aren’t taking protected characteristics into consideration when making employment decisions. 

And, because we are fully compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you can quickly put to rest any allegations of discrimination. Think of it as a low-cost insurance solution for your company’s online reputation management. 

Protect Your Company’s Reputation with LifeBrand

Whether you want to use technology to scan current employees to ensure adherence to online standards of conduct or need to use it for hiring decisions, LifeBrand provides you transparency within a protected legal framework. Using our artificial intelligence helps to improve the quality of your candidate pools, without risking the legal mess of a discrimination lawsuit. 

Would you like to learn how LifeBrand can be adapted to your organization’s needs? Set up a free demo to see how AI can power your social media reputation management.