Avoid Social Media Mishaps

February 3, 2022

Protect your gold medal with LifeBrand’s social media cleaning technology

Ah the Winter Olympics, a special event that only happens once every four years. A time where citizens get to root for their country’s finest athletes, celebrate their nationalism, and wonder how the heck it’s possible to be this great at a sport. I mean come on, did Shaun White just do two flips and three and a half spins? It’s even got a name- “The Double McTwist 1260”!

These amazing sporting achievements have given athletes like White a newfound level of stardom. The fame and fortune that a good showing at the Winter Olympics can deliver is thrilling, but the constant attention to an athlete’s social media platforms can be alarming and it’s important for athletes to avoid social media mishaps.

LifeBrand’s technology offers a quick and easy solution to ensure an Olympian’s social media profile is clean. This places the focus and attention back on their athletic performances.


Well, simply put… A LOT. Statistics from last Winter Olympics in 2018 reveal that female snowboarder Chloe Kim gained a whopping 927,070 social media followers in a little over two weeks. Figure Skater Adam Rippon also amassed a large following with 789,891 new followers in the same time frame. This attention granted both Olympians life-changing social status, and it also shows how many new eyes are flocking to check out an athlete’s social media accounts. Unfortunately, not all viewers are as friendly as us. Some people celebrate negativity, and questionable social media posts can be the fuel to their flame. This is why it is crucial to routinely clean your social media accounts.


Like your knight in shining armor, LifeBrand has created the solution to this pressing issue. We have created technology that helps avoid social media mishaps. The tech privately analyzes your social media accounts. It then flags any questionable posts. Once this process is complete (typically takes seconds to minutes), users can delete, edit, or ignore their flagged posts. Additionally, every flagged post comes with an explanation. This helps the end user understand why the technology chose to flag it. It also encourages them to educate themselves about why the post was deemed “potentially harmful.”


LifeBrand would like to wish all Olympians the best in their pursuit of gold. We are here to help all competitors, amateurs and professionals alike, by keeping all media stories focused on their best performances and not any social media mishaps. Check out the free version of our product here.