Aritificial Intelligence Developed by LifeBrand Could have Prevented the Latest NCAA Social Media Mishap

December 11, 2019

LSU star quarterback, Heisman front runner, and projected top pick in this years NFL draft Joe Burrow is the latest athlete to fall victim to the ghosts of social media past.

Controversial tweets from Burrow’s past along with recent posts from this year have drawn criticism for the star quarterback and NCAA alike. This is not the first instance where a student or professional athlete has landed themselves in hot water due to inappropriate and/or immature social media posts. While one could make the argument that Burrow should have known better the bigger question is why isn’t the NCAA doing anything to prevent this from happening.  

People often forget that these student athletes are also in and around environments that can oftentimes promote inappropriate and irrational behavior.  College parties, nightlife, alcohol are all things that are prevalent within most college environments. Let’s be honest, who amongst us hasn’t made a decision as a 19 or 20 year old that we certainly wouldn’t make today as a 35 year old?  The NCAA needs to step in and protect these kids from themselves as well as protect their extremely lucrative brand.

In 2018 the NCAA generated nearly 845 million U.S. dollars in revenue from its television and marketing rights fees segment.  With over 460,000 athletes competing across 24 sports the NCAA has an obligation to protect their brand and the brand of the athlete, some of whom will go on to play professionally.

We at LifeBrand feel that we have the solution to this growing problem.  LifeBrand’s revolutionary AI based technology allows social media users to easily detect, locate, and delete or edit potentially offensive posts before they disrupt, not only an individuals personal brand (in this case the student athletes), but the brand the individual represents (NCAA).

The Joe Borrow example is not one that is unique, but one that could have been avoided by deploying a technology that is easily accessible through LifeBrand that protects all parties involved.

The ball is in your court NCAA.

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