5 Quick Tips to Improve your Professional Social Media Presence with LifeBrand

January 6, 2023

Social Media is the business connection and growth tool that all employees and employers now have in their back pocket. The main Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn allow companies and employers to connect or interact with prospective clients, customers and employees to spread the word about their product or service.

If you are a Social Media user on any of these platforms, follow these five steps to improve your professional social media presence online and STAND OUT on social!

  1. Fill Out Your Bio Completely

Most users do not always fill out their Social Media bios, however, this is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to new connections and followers on social media. Use your bio to present yourself in a professional and honest way.

Include who you are:

  • Student
  • Parent
  • Entrepreneur, Freelancer
  • Business Owner, VP, CEO, etc..

Make sure to include some key words of what your new followers and connections can expect to see on your page:

  • Traveler
  • Artist
  • Sports Enthusiast
  • Chef, Recipes
  • Life-Hacker, Lifestyle Tips
  • Business Tips
  • Financial Advice, Etc.
  • Entrepreneur

  1. Consider a “Business Casual” Approach to posting

It’s safe to assume that new employers and job recruiters are going to look at your social media pages before hiring you, or even before inviting you to a first job interview.

As of 2020 (Manifest Recruitment Survey):

  • 90% of employers look at potential employees Social Media pages
  • 98% of HR professionals perform online background research about potential new hires
  • 79% of business have REJECTED a job candidate based off of their Social Media content

Because of this, make sure your posts are ‘business casual.’ Posts you make should be authentic and real, but they don’t need to give away too much information about your personal life. Keep your videos, photos and posts casual and professional, but also real and authentic.

If you’re questioning whether or not a post you’ve made crosses the line, head over to www.lifebrand.life and connect your social media accounts – we’ll help you out.

  1. Steer Clear of “touchy” subjects

Basically, think before you post. Politics, Religion, “I hate my job” rants are all examples of the types of opinions and touchy topics that you should probably avoid sharing online across your social media pages. Of course, if you are a Politician running for office next year, then making political statements online is definitely going to be a theme across your social media.

Pay attention to your language when posting. Are your posts grammatically correct? The language you use on social media might be less formal and more accessible compared to a business meeting, but still should be professional and welcoming.

  1. Ask questions and engage with your followers

If you are seeking to grow your following, engagement or just connect with your current followers better – Asking questions that will engage your followers to discuss with you online is a great way to build up a community. Questions relevant to your business, your brand or your niche will be a perfect place to start.

  1. Clean up any old posts that could come back to bite you, with LifeBrand

Something you posted on Instagram five years ago might not fly today. That political rant or lengthy Facebook post about how much you hated your dinner three years ago might come up when someone is stalking your account, example:

  • A potential employer
  • Co-Worker
  • College Admission Counselor
  • New significant other… and the list goes on and on (yikes)

Old posts could dissuade the way that others perceive you. Remember, your first impression nowadays is no longer that first time you meet at an interview, first day of work or on that blind date. Now, other people’s first impression of you is ONLINE…your Instagram pictures, Facebook photos, TikTok dances and Tweets.

For a quick and easy way to clean up some of those old cringey posts without scrolling all the way back through your Facebook feed to find your first TBH – head over to www.lifebrand.life